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JSW Neo Steel: Finished from Virgin Iron


JSW Group, previously recognized as Jindal South West (JSW), is an Indian business corporation varied in steel, mining, energy, infrastructure, along with software business.

JSW Steel TMT bars, well-known as JSW Neo steel are the most excellent quality TMT bars accessible in India. Manufactured from virgin iron ore in high-tech rolling mills, every solo running foot of JSW Neo steel TMT bars is free from contamination and has consistent properties.


Maximum level of purity

Manufactured from steel ore, JSW Neo steel TMT bars cover the highest grade of purity as well as lowest sulphur plus phosphorous content, making it durable.


Reliable Quality

The HYQST technology ensures a homogeneous quality across the bar. The proof is an ideal ring which can be observed across any cross-section of the bar.


Greatest Bonding with cement

In case of RCC members, the real tensile stresses from concrete are transported to the steel reinforcement bars. The elevated tensile strength of steel complements the elevated compressive strength of concrete to outcome in a stable and secure Reinforced Cement Concrete structure. This is achievable only if there is an ideal bond between the cement and the steel.


Crystal Clear Pricing

JSW Neo steel End Consumer Price, guarantees transparency and evenness in pricing across the state. The group believes in conducting business in a visible manner.


Is JSW TMT first-class?

JSW Neo steel is a greater quality TMT bar with top strength coupled with suppleness. What sets JSW Neo steel to one side is the manufacturing process which ensures a product of unparalleled quality. To begin with, it is prepared from virgin iron ore, which endows it with the highest grade of purity.

What is the cost of JSW steel per ton?


Min Rate

Max Rate

Fe 500D

Rs 54000 per Ton

Rs 54500 per Ton

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