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KLEEMANN Lift: Fastest Growing Elevators

KLEEMANN Lift: Making the World Easier

KLEEMANN does more than trade as usual. It is driven by its dedication to its customers and produces the finest lift solutions to fit their requirements. High excellence standards, tests on every step of the manufacturing technique and extraordinary customer support.


There is a new blend of real and cyber world with new likelihoods for unparalleled experience.

Elevators anywhere, anytime, being a part of an wide-ranging network, eradicating distance.

There is connectivity without borders, offering flexibility of operations.

Real time metrics of various elevator parameters confirm the appropriate functionality of all elevators.

Mixing of smart functions in the company system, which expands the value for people.

Why is Kleemann Lift special:

KLEEMANN is a world partner for all kinds of passenger and freight lifts, through rated loads 30 tons as well as speeds up to 7m/sec, for escalators along with moving walks, home solutions, innovation solutions, parking systems, fire fighting lifts, marine solutions, earthquake resistant lifts, green lifts, anti-vandal lifts in addition to accessibility products.


From major-scale public ventures by high-specification objectives and short turnarounds, to economical, compact and hard-wearing business solutions or reasonable private residence projects, the company develops perfect, safe and consistent products.

The firm offers far-reaching traction and hydraulic lift systems, both with as well as without machine room, from preliminary design through to development as well as production. Each lift is being meticulously tested to guarantee ease of use and sustained reliability.

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