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Omega lift 4 passenger 6 passenger price India

Best Lift elevator Manufacturer in India

OMEGA Elevators: Changing Lives

OMEGA Elevators is the name, one can securely associate with the most progressive and trusted elevator across the nation. Differentiated pioneering hi-tech technologies, quality along with customer satisfaction are the main elements that have helped it scale new heights of triumph.

OMEGA is one of the most trustworthy companies, committed to delivering incomparable service.

Product Variety:

Passenger Elevators:

Advance Design

Specific Buffers
Polyurethane polymer blocks are durable, weather resistant and most dependable in all operating Conditions for providing extreme safety, in case of buffering of pulley car.

PLC Based Lift Control
This system delivers the uppermost degree of smoothness in elevator car movement with accurate levelling.

PLC Based Lift Door Operation
This system diminishes the door opening and closing time considerably compared to orthodox door operation system, thereby refining the passenger handling capacity as well as reducing the waiting time at landing.

Guard against Power Fluctuation
The shield system is designed to guard the electronics inside the control panel. The system is planned to operate in a variety of voltage and frequency and it lets the elevator to reach the adjacent floor and then switch off the supply for shielding the components from voltage deviations.

Hospital Elevator

OMEGA offers a comprehensive range of goods or freight elevators for diverse applications including the transportation of goods. The capacity arrays from 500 kg. to 7000 kg depending upon the necessity. There are also a range of door types available like collapsible gates, Double swing doors, Automatic doors etc. Option for car elevators is also accessible to be used in the multi-story parking

Bungalow Elevator:

Striking Features

  1. Machine Room less
  2. Gearless
  3. Perfectly maintenance free
  4. Working on 1 hp merely
  5. Offered in "Ready to Install
  6. Format
  7. Total freedom in designing
  8. Requires least of floor place

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