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Premier TMT Steel 550 EQR TMT - India

Over the past two decades the Premier Group has full-fledged into an Rs1500cr business corporation with interests covering the Reinforcement Steel (TMT BARS, Precast Concrete, Tubular Poles, Real Estate construction and just forayed into Safety Products, Solar Mounting Structure in addition to Scaffolding & Formwork System).

Premier TMT Steel bar Saria Rate list:

Premier TMT Steel bar Saria  12mm

Rs 55,565 /  MT

Premier TMT Steel bar Saria  8mm

Rs 58,540 /  MT

Premier TMT Steel bar Saria 16mm

Rs 56,575 /  MT

Premier TMT Steel bar Saria 10mm

Rs 56,545 /  MT

Premier TMT Steel bar Saria 20mm

Rs 57,500 /  MT

Premier TMT Steel bar Saria 25mm

Rs 57,500 /  MT

PREMIER EQR TMT, pull their strength through a computer controlled inline method of quenching , self-tempering as well as atmospheric cooling.

Rolled out merely from billet these hardened yet flexible bars have a perfect amalgamation of physical and chemical properties with suggested EMF (Elongation at Maximum Force) edge


  • Existing in fe500/fe500d/fe550d
  • Made simply from billets
  • Adhering to all Indian as well as international standards
  • Tested for Constant elongation


Premier TMT Bars have first-rate ductility and advanced fatigue strength, which make them appropriate for structures and foundations which are subject to dynamic as well as seismic loading. They also hold excellent weld-ability for the reason that carbon is restricted below 25% plus are resistant to fire hazards with not at all loss of strength up to 300 degrees Celsius. Healthier bend-ability also makes them certainly workable at site and they are used in an extensive range of applications:

  • Universal purpose concrete re-enforcement structures
  • Flyovers
  • Dams
  • Bridges
  • Industrial structure
  • Concrete roads
  • High rise buildings
  • Underground structures

Which grade of TMT steel bars are better deal?

“Fe” symbolizes iron in TMT Bar & “D” stance as Elongation. In Fe 500 and FE 500D TMT Bar “500” denotes the minimum yield stress in MPa. FE 500D has greater percentage of elongation in contrast to any other Grade of TMT Bar.

Which TMT grade is paramount for house construction?

All TMT bars are decent for construction, but their changed steel grades suit changed kinds of structures. Fe 415 TMT bars are decent for houses, Fe 500 is perfect for commercial buildings, Fe 550 is for bridges as well as other somewhat large-scale structures, in addition to Fe 600 are for big industrial projects.

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