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Top TMT Bars in Kerala

Best TMT bars in kerala

Kerala is a famous destination for tourism. The state is well acknowledged for its beaches, backwaters in Alappuzha along with Kollam, mountain ranges plus wildlife sanctuaries. The way, these spots are popular in this area, many TMT brands are also popular in its construction industry segment. The following journey will take you to an expedition of these prevalent TMT brands on the soil of Kerala: 

1. Kairali TMT

The company is a ISO 9001:2008 corporation equipped with sophisticated infrastructure and machinery. Due to this, its factories in Salem and Palaghat are competent to provide the biggest requirements in minimum required time period without compromising on class at any stage.

Owing to its resources, the honored PSU Steel Authority of India (SAIL) has elected Kairali TMT to be its only conversion agent in Kerala. Its application of EQR German Technology while manufacturing TMT steel bars guarantees that everything you build through them is strong as well as secure.    


Owing to its global production standards, these TMT bars have an exclusive blend of strength as well as ductility. The tensile to yield strength ratios are higher than 1.12. In usual bars, where the expansion in the yield strength of the bars is supplemented by loss of percent elongation, they are superior as the loss is insignificant and elongation values are greater than specified.      

First-rate Bendability and Workability

The hard external layer as well as the ductile core of the steel bars results in first-rate bendability.

kairali tmt steel price in kerala per kg

For all forms of civil, retail, and industrial construction uses, Kairali offers the following grades of steel bar: FE415, FE500, FE500S, FE500D, FE550D, FE 550, and FE600 grade TMT Steels Bars. Kairali Tmt Steel Bars, Grade: 500 G at Rs 72/kg. Latest TMT bar prices can vary on the basis of grade, size and locality. To learn more about Kairali TMT bar price Click here.


JSW Steel TMT bars, trademarked as JSW Neosteel are the best value TMT bars accessible in India. Man-made from virgin iron ore in its state of the art rolling mills, every particular running foot of these TMT bars is free from filths and has homogeneous properties.

JSW NEOSTEEL is hardened high strength HYQST

(High Yield Quenched as well as Self Tempered) TMT Bar in compliance with IS 1786:2008,

JSW Neosteel 550 D, JSW Neosteel 550 and JSW Neosteel 600 in addition to JSW Neosteel CRS

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Super exceptional high strength along with high ductility TMT re-bars characteristically used in construction of usual residential and commercial projects, infrastructure projects as well as in earthquake prone areas because of a high value of percentage elongation.


These are ultra-premium and ultra-high strength TMT re-bars. Stereotypically used in the construction of high-rise buildings, buildings subjected to high service loads, heavy-duty set-up projects and in cases where the supreme area of reinforcement steel is to be decreased.


They are high-strength corrosion-resistant TMT re-bars. Stereotypically, they are applied in construction in coastal areas, areas thru high salinity in the air, and industrial areas. Further, they are used for erection of marine constructions and in areas thru high acid content in the air.

3. Kalliyath TMT

Straight from its inception in 1940, Kalliyath Group has always been offering importance to the affluence of the community it coexists. Just similar to leading the whole industry to unprecedented progress, the group has been directing several welfare projects as well as initiatives to strengthen society and enable its people.    

Through its four well-equipped manufacturing units spread across 8 acres, it is the only brand in Kerala that manufactures 6 mm original TMT steel bars and as well the only brand in India to manufacture Fe 500 graded 6 mm bars thru ISI certification. Every TMT bar is prepared from the PLC-controlled Continuous Linear Rolling Mill in obedience with the Universal quality standards and norms to guarantee quality consistency.

From ever-increasing infrastructure needs to landmark buildings to separate homes, there is an exponential response for reinforced bars in every section of the industry. The reason why the infrastructure market is these days replete with manufacturers, generally small scale and TMT steel bars prepared without following requisite BIS instructions. To solve this mounting issue, the group has always been active in making people realize what an actual TMT steel bar is.    

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4. Kenza TMT

The beautiful thought of presenting the most admirable products with a confirmed benchmark of premium quality at the most rational prices that is the foremost reason that makes the trademark KENZA an international leader in steel bars. By means of a good-looking tenure of more than 28 years, the team Kenza headed by PK Moideen Koya as well as Mujeeb Rahaman, who transformed their domain experience to a skill in construction and development projects, and industrialized the corporation. From trading syndicates to wholesale and retail outlets, Kenza has now full-fledged as a socially dedicated organisation, adding goodness in offering education and health support to the deprived, home for poor. This makes the group an organisation par excellence.

FE 500SD

  • Lots of reasons to pick Kenza TMT steel bars through FE500SD seal!
  • A robust frame and flexible interior create home construction comfortable and quick!
  • It offers 20% profit on construction charges!
  • World-wide quality Kenza steel bars endure rain and earthquakes!
  • These TMT steel bars are always strong – with Super Strength

5. Bharathi TMT

A heritage that is measured to be at the zenith of every other, in the world, that can be a controlling light for every other. A land that imagined ideas, technological advancements as well as construction methodologies that were before time, India. Household to a culture that is valued around the world, India’s heritage has not remained restrained to the achievements of its magnificent past. The new India has experienced an enormous leap on the heels of a concrete setup development that is quickly on the rise. Its results have become obvious in the many domains that array from science and technology to defence, art, transportation and sport. A nation’s prosperity gets restrained by the development of its roads, educational institutions, bridges, research facilities, healthcare centres, arts and sports creations; as it is all of those which make up the foundation of its development. For playing a crucial part in the rise of these buildings in the country, the group is proud of itself.


All the above-mentioned brands are remarkable in the TMT Bar segment. However, the deciding factor for their selection depends on your specific needs to get catered for your project. To learn in details about prices and advantages of these TMT bars you can reach us by calling. For buying TMT bars you can call us on +91 8377044077


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