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TMT Steel Bar or Sariya in Bihar

  • The most significant task you will ever do is building a new home for your parents and your family. Every person in the world aspires to possess a home, and building a new home requires high-quality building materials like cement, sand, and steel. However, the TMT bar is the most crucial and ideal type of building material.
  • What factors led us to choose the best building materials for your home? TMT bar is one of them, and it improves the strength and longevity of your new home. It is crucial to choose high-quality TMT bars to extend the lifespan of your durable home.
  • When we search TMT bars in Bihar we get several options.

The top 10 best TMT bars in Bihar.

1 Balmukund TMT Bar
2 Magadh TMT Bar
3 Rungta Steel
4 SRMB TMT Steel Bar
5 Kamdhenu Sariya
6 Jindal Panther TMT
8 TATA Tiscon TMT
9 Mongia TMT Bar
10 Sulaja Gold TMT


TMT bar price today in Bihar

TMT bars

Price (per MT)

8mm TMT bar price


10mm TMT bar price


12mm TMT bar price


16mm TMT bar price


What are TMT Re-Bars?

  • Reinforcement bars that have been Thermo Mechanically Treated using the renowned Thermex Technology. TMT Re-Bars are manufactured at a cutting-edge facility under the direct supervision of its senior front-line engineers.

Top TMT saria in Bihar

  • The effective use of technology has a significant impact on corporate competitiveness, which is no more an option but a requirement. We, at BCL, are proud to be the manufacturer of 6mm to 32MM TMT bars in India. These bars are made using a special, completely integrated production process that makes use of the best available technology and quality checkpoints at each stage. These bars have what we refer to as "Strength of Truth," which is an unrivaled mix of strength, ductility, and outstanding weldability.

Brief About Balmukund TMT Sariya in Bihar

          Balmukund tmt 12mm price

  • Balmukund concas ltd was established in 1995. Balmukund is the leading company in eastern India's steel sector, with its registered office in Patna. According to customer needs, Balmukund Concas ltd is in the business of manufacturing bars and rods in a variety of sizes and specifications with a double shift capacity of 100,000 tonnes.
  • Steel Rods (CTD / TMT / CRS) in diameters ranging from 6 mm to 32 mm are the produced product. Building and other civil construction projects frequently use these rolled materials, including 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 25, and 32mm rods.
  • Balmukund has a strategic base in Patna, India, a consumer-oriented city with all basic accessories. To meet the constantly rising expectations of fellow citizens., The company relies on its strong vendor base and wide-ranging distribution network. The company has been able to expand the reach of its products across the nation because of the idea into reality and the effort of the employees. Due to friendly vendor relationships and capable domestic dealers, Balmukund promised to make sure that customers receive their ordered consignments on schedule. Company Balmukund purchases its raw materials from the nation's top producers, including Tata Steel, Jindal Steel, and Monet Ispat.

Balmukund TMT Sariya : Best TMT Sariya in Bihar

  • Balmukund TMT is recognized in the list of one of the best TMT bars in North India especially people from Bihar and Jharkhand consider Balmukund TMT as their first choice. So when the question arises ‘what is the best TMT in Bihar?’ Undoubtedly one can answer it is Balmukund. Balmukund Products are made from high-grade ingots and billets that are bought from self-produced materials using strict quality controls. The goods are highly durable and produced in our ISO-certified production facilities under tight quality control standards. Among the Eastern Indian steel manufacturing businesses, Balmukund, a manufacturer of Re-Bars, is well-known.

TMT Saria 12mm price

  • Sariya prices change very frequently. It can vary from state to state and sometimes it varies citywide. When we search Various TMT prices today, it also varies according to the availability and city from where we are searching for. Here is the list of TMT steel prices in different cities in Bihar.



TMT (Price Per Metric Ton)


12mm tmt



12mm tmt


Bihar Sharif

12mm tmt



12mm tmt



12mm tmt



12mm tmt



12mm tmt



12mm tmt



12mm tmt


Top steel price today

  • Effective use of technology has a significant impact on corporate performance, which is now a need rather than a choice. Many Brands create 6mm to 32MM TMT bars in India using an original, fully-integrated manufacturing process that makes use of top-notch techniques and class checkpoints at each stage. They are aware of this necessity. These Bars provide an exceptional combination of strength, ductility, and improved welding capabilities.
  • They offer a variety of high-quality steel bars (TMT), TOR steel, and MS ingots in various diameters through their advanced manufacturing unit, which is equipped with a fully automatic and computerized rolling mill. Utilizing the most cutting-edge and innovative technology, these TMT Bars are rolled in grades Fe415 Fe500D, and Fe500 and range in diameter from eight millimeters to thirty-two millimeters.

How to Choose the Best TMT Bars?

  1. TMTs are easy to cut.
  2. These Bars have been tested to be Corrosion Resistant.
  3. These Bars have 30% extra tensile strength and are manufactured as per ISI standards.
  4. Mostly TMT Bars are made from tested IS-2830 ingots and billets.
  5. This TMT BARS can withstand high temperatures up to the range of 600 degrees ensuring fire safety.
  6. The design of Best TMT Bars has been approved by the Govt. Of India.


Although it is very challenging work to write pricing about the most recent sariya price because TMT rates change rapidly and can differ from state to state. Although we made an effort to include the most recent news and updates in this page, we do not guarantee that it is correct for your specific location.

When acquiring TMT bars, price and quality are important factors to take into account. But don't worry; help is only a click away. You can submit your request on very this website. Fill out the form on the website's "Get A Quote" page. The website will make arrangements to help you even more.

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