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Best TMT Sariya in Punjab in 2023

  • Everyone aspires to construct their own home. But very few people actually achieve their ambitions. In addition to the financial outlay, it necessitates extensive planning, research, and excellent execution. Stone, cement, and TMT bars are materials used while building a house.

  • The framework of your house is made of TMT bars, despite the fact that each material has its unique significance. You must make a cautious choice of TMT bars due to the crucial role they play in fortifying your home. You must be aware of the pricing and bar quality while purchasing TMT bars for your home.

Buy Quality TMT Bars in Punjab to Add Strength to Your Dream Construction

  • Today, the majority of those preparing to build are looking for prices on cement, bricks, and TMT. When constructing their ideal home, they don't want to sacrifice on quality.

  • Homeowners ensure that their construction is sturdy when creating a house. Because of this, they employ high-quality TMT bars, bricks, and cement. Although every component used in construction is significant, the TMT bars that form the building's framework are. Here are the lists of some Best TMT bars in Punjab and letest TMT sariya price today, which will help to find best TMT for your next dream project.

Steel TMT Price List In Punjab:




Rate (per MT)


TMT Steel




TMT Steel




TMT Steel




TMT Steel




TMT Steel





  1. Jyoti TMT

  • With more than 50 years of experience in the iron and steel sector, Jyoti Steel Corporation is one of the most knowledgeable companies. It serves a wide range of clients, including businesses, government agencies, railroads, and ports.

  • The history of Jyoti Steel Corporation began in 1970 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, as a trade entity that dealt with iron and steel products.

  • In 2002, Jyoti Steel expanded their line of business and began offering TMT bars, Beam, Plate, and other other goods.

  • Currently, Jyoti Steel Corporation is connected to more than ten significant producers, many of them are market leaders in the iron and steel sector. Additionally, it works with a number of Indian sub-manufacturers.

  • Currently, Punjab's one of the top suppliers of iron and steel goods is Jyoti Steel Corporation.


2. Jindal TMT

  • The 2013 launch of Jindal Panther TMT Brand was motivated by the power and speed of the black, deadly cat. Since its beginning, Jindal Panther has supplied high-quality TMT rebars made in cutting-edge facilities for the needs of housing and construction. Leading Rebar Brand, we rely on ongoing innovation and cutting-edge technology to strengthen the country.

  • Jindal panther is one of the largest internal producer of Fe 550D in India, which is a testament to our ongoing efforts to stay at the forefront of the field in terms of unrivaled quality, first-rate order servicing, and ongoing innovation in both products and services. This has contributed to this brand's ranking as one of the best Sariya brand in Punjab.


3. Doaba TMT bars

  • Doaba TMT bars are ideal for ultra-modern construction because of their enhanced weldability, strength, ductility, and bendability, which exceed top-notch quality standards. Steel bars are subjected to thermomechanical treatment, which involves passing them through a specially engineered water cooling system that causes the outer surface of the bars to cool while the core of the bars remains hot. As a result, the bars develop a temperature gradient. The Doaba TMT bars acquire the best yield strength because to the water cooling system's ability to transfer heat from the core to the outer surface of steel bars, further tempring them.

4. Prabal TMT

  • Salsan Steels Pvt Ltd. appreciates having a modest role in the nation's progress. The automatic industrial unit at Salsan Steels , one of the nation's fastest-growing producers of steel is designed to produce high-strength TMT bars under the trade name "PRABAL TMT." Prabal TMT facilities at Gagret, Himachal Pradesh, with the potential to produce 1,50,000 metric tonnes of product annually. Prabal TMT bars one of the most marketed brand in Punjab.

5. Gian TMT

  • Gian TMT bars have earned a household name in the state thanks to its improved weldability, workability, ductility, and restored elongation. They can be distinguished from their counterparts by their distinct characteristics. They can be purchased for a fair price and do speed up the pace of construction. The metallurgical process is used in their manufacturing course. As a result, low carbon steel is used to make the highest quality of bars.

  • They possess remarkable earthquake resistance, strong corrosion resistance, outstanding bonding strength, and high thermal resistance.

Steel TMT Price List In Ludhiana:

TMT sariya

Price (per MT)


Steel TMT Steel 8 mm Price

Rs.68,000 - Rs.74,000


Steel TMT Steel 12mm Price

Rs.58,000 - Rs.68,000


Steel TMT Steel 16mm Price

Rs.59,500 - Rs.69,500


Steel TMT Steel 20mm Price

Rs.59,500 - Rs.69,500


TMT Sariya Price in Jalandhar


Market Price per MT


8mm TMT Bar Price

Rs.68,000 - Rs.74,000


10mm TMT Bar Price

Rs.66,000 - Rs.72,000


12mm TMT Bar Price

Rs.58,000 - Rs.68,000


16mm TMT Bar Price

Rs.59,000 - Rs.69,000


20mm TMT Bar Price

Rs.60,000 - Rs.70,000


What is TMT bar?

  • The term "TMT" refers to thermomechanically treated. The TMT bars have a core that is softer and an outside that is harder. Hot rolled steel wires that have been through water are used in their manufacturing process. This maintains the core warm and softer while making the surface rigid. By doing so, you can boost the steel's weldability and corrosion resistance. Thermo-mechanical treatment (TMT) is a method of hardening steel that involves softening circular steel stock in a furnace, rolling it after removal, and quenching it in water to produce "martensite." As a result, the steel rebar is stronger and more corrosive resistant than other forms of rebar.

Gobindgarh Mandi Sariya rate today

  • Mandi Gobindgarh is a city in Punjab, especially known for steel production. It is also referred as Steel city of Punjab or Loha Mandi. Sariya prices vary time to time. As per latest updates, the Sariya price for 12mm TMT in Mandi Gobindgarh is Rs.61000/MT to Rs.68,000/MT


TMT 12mm



TMT 8mm


Sariya rate today Amritsar


Price (per MT)

12mm sariya rate

Rs.55,000 - Rs.69,000

16mm sariya rate

Rs.59,000 - Rs.70,000

10mm Sariya rate

Rs.66,000 – Rs.72,000

8mm Sariya rate

Rs.68,000 – Rs.74,000

20mm Sariya rate

Rs.59,000 - Rs.69,000



Although writing pricing about latest sariya price is very difficult task because the TMT rates change very frequently and can vary state to state. But still, in this post we tried to updates with latest news and updates but we are not claiming it to be accurate according to your locality.

Pricing and Quality are significant considerations when purchasing TMT bars. But don't fear; assistance is just a click away. You must check the rates for your state because saria prices vary from state to state, and even in a state it changes very frequently . It is also possible to check the prices in other states. On the official company website, you can also make your request. Fill the form of the website under the Get A Quote section. The website will arrange to assist you further.

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