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Top TMT Steel Bar Brand in Bihar & Jharkhand

Top TMT Bars of Bihar and Jharkhand


Empty spaces are being occupied by skyscraping buildings in Bihar as well Jharkhand these days. The swelling population needs more and more constructed structures and hence, demand of high worth TMT bars has enhanced exponentially in the last decade. The following list of TMT bars is thoroughly researched for their wonderful application in these states.



Size Price Date


Balmukund TMT

12mm Rs.54,000MT to Rs.62,000MT 2022


Magadh TMT

12mm Rs.54,000MT to Rs.62,000MT 2022


Mongia TMT

12mm Rs.54,000MT to Rs.62,000MT 2022


Saluja Gold TMT

12mm Rs.54,000MT to Rs.62,000MT 2022


Rungta TMT Steel

12mm Rs.58,000MT to Rs.68,000MT 2022


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  1. Balmukund TMT

The proper exploitation of technology powerfully influences business effectiveness, which is no longer a matter of selection, but a matter of necessity. Balmukund Concast Ltd. understand this necessity and does hold the pride of being producers of 6mm to 32MM TMT bars in India which are formed through an exclusive and fully-integrated manufacturing course that utilizes finest technique and class check-points at every phase. These Bars possess an supreme amalgamation of strength, ductility and greater weld ability.

With the Advanced Manufacturing Unit, Furnished with a fully automatic as well as Computerized Rolling Mill BCL brings a Diversity of High quality Steel Bars (TMT), TOR Steel as well as MS Ingots across various Diameters. These TMT Bars are rolled from eight mm to thirty two mm diameter in grade Fe415 and Fe500 by embracing the most modern and progressive technology.


  1. Magadh TMT Bar

Magadh TMT bar is created by magadh industries. This is primary thermo mechanical technology in Bihar. Magadh TMT BAR are manufacture by using temcor technology.

Magadh TMT is main choice of customers trust. Since last 10 years Magadh industries are delivering their products to selected. It delivers exact product, exact measurement, exact weight and exact cost to its valuable customers. This is the its symbol of customers trust.


  1. Mongia TMT:

Mongia steel possesses one of the most cutting-edge automated hot rolling mills in the nation, through the newest technology for producing higher grade TMT bars. The sizes vary from 8mm to 32mm, which obey to specified quality Fe-600.

It is the initial industrial unit in Jharkhand to have executed the Direct Hot Charging Technology. The most substantial feature of this technology is that it excludes the application of a re-heating furnace. In this way, the removal of greenhouse gases throughout the production process converts almost zero. As a result, this technology is supportive in protecting the environment. So, it is categorized as an environmental industrial organization.


  1. Saluja Gold TMT

These bars come with a promise. It is a promise through a family of pioneering producers.

Characteristics of Saluja Gold TMT Bars

Effective: By reason of enhanced ductility and bending capacity of the TMT bar, it decreases the construction and fabrication time, saving much resources for the construction project.

Non-corrosive: The limited processes throughout the production of these TMT bars, stop the formation of coarse carbide and deliver better strength and anti-corrosive properties.

Firmly Bonded:

The outside ribs across the whole length exhibits the remarkable strength of the product. It also contains the ISI mark of “SALUJA GOLD”.


With it’s under section-weight and strength, the TMT bars are efficient enough to manufacture much permanence and sustainability and at very effective price.


The product is now available in different sizes from 8mm to 32 mm for B-B and B-C across the nation in both bulk and retail channels.

Fire Resistant

The bar has remarkable fire resistance varying between 500 degree Celsius and 600 degree Celsius.

Earthquake Resistant:

The flexibility of the bar gives string endure against earthquake.


  1. Rungta TMT

With an adept focus on invention and technological progression that pave the way for top class production, TMT Bars and steel products factory-made by the company conform to both – domestic and international considerations.


Rungta Steel TMT Bars manmade with forward-thinking technology and engineering guarantees that structures prepared from them are built with greater strength that adds a tougher foundation to tomorrows. These TMT bars come with innate properties like undeviating grades, tolerances and dimensions that contribute the assurance of consistent quality and permanence.

After the production period, these products pass through a sequence of stringent quality tests to certify incomparable stability, longer strength and seamless workability. Thru the ISO and OHSAS certifications, the enterprise promises to meet the wide-ranging necessities of the construction industry.

These Steel TMT Bars are available in grades of Fe500, Fe500D, Fe550 along with Fe550D as stated by IS 1786.


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