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Top 5 TMT Steel Bar in Jharkhand 2023 | Comaron

Top TMT Bars in Jharkhand

  • Jharkhand is famous for its rich mineral abundance in its soil. In addition to its mineral resources like Uranium, Bauxite, Granite, Mica, Gold, Silver, Graphite, Dolomite, Fireclay, Quartz, Magnetite, Fieldspar, Coal (32% of total India’s production), Iron, Copper (25%of India) etc., the state possesses lofty level of steel production.
  • Steel production in the State has augmented from 8 million tonnes (MT) to more than 12 million tonnes per annum all through the 11th Plan period. The state is presently producing approximately 20-25%of total steel being manufactured in the country.
  • It is obvious to be the treasure of top TMT brands due to colossal production of steel within its territory. The below mentioned discussion shall illustrate you a summary of success stories of finest and refined TMT brands in the state:


1. Mongia TMT:

  • Mongia Steel Limited is primary iron industry in Jharkhand time-honoured in 1997. Mongia is acknowledged for grander steel qualityexclusively in the field of TMT Bars. Mongia TMT Bars are celebrated and exceedingly demanded in the eastern province of India


  • It is the initial industrial unit in the state of Jharkhand to have executed the Direct Hot Charging Technology. The most substantial feature of this technology is that it abolishes the use of a re-heating furnace. Like this, the elimination of greenhouse gases for the duration of the production process becomes nearly zero. As a result, this technology is supportive in guarding the environment. Therefore, it is categorized as an Eco-friendly industrial group.
  • These TMT bars have tremendous bendability due to the matchless micro-structure.
  • The bars can be twisted to the exact angle preferred by the design around mandrels not like ordinary bars and is far smaller in diameter than what is stated in IS: 1786, which is a candid advantage.

Cost Effective:

  • These Power TMT bars fe600 want 15-20% less usage than average Bars for same work with 5% extra cost.
  • This results in an whole saving of 10 -15%.


2. Saluja Gold TMT:

  • Saluja bring in an industrial presence that is more than four decades old. An old-timer player in the iron as well as Steel industry, the foundations for Saluja Steel as well as Power was positioned by its chairman Amarjeet Singh Saluja in 1974 from an iron nail factory. At present, the business operations spread from the production of the complete variety of steel products to the production of high – class TMT bars Saluja Gold. Committed in their vision, the brand wants to turn out to be the notable steel and TMT bar creator in the world and institute them as an unquestionable leader in the steel sector.


  • The ductility of SALUJA GOLD TMT Bar delivers string withstand against earthquake. The homogeneous tensile strength of "SALUJATM GOLD" pools with the compressive strength of cement to cause far-fetched reinforced standing strength to the buildings for generation.


3. Rungta Steel TMT:

Reliable Supply

  • State-of-the-art integrated steel plants to proliferate production capacity in agreement with the government’s target to touch 300 MTPA by 2030.

Heightened Corrosion Resistance

  • The application of high quality metallic alloys and existence of low carbon content boosts corrosion resistance of its steel products.

Clean and Identical Steel Quality

  • Best in class raw materials employed during the all-embracing process of production to fabricate the cleanest steel.

Excellent Weldability

  • Smooth surface and marginal to no porosity in the steel products raises weldability ruling out all scope of any breakage.



Extra Flexibility (ductility) = Extra Safety

Boosted earthquake resistance

Least UTS/YS ratio of >=1.15

(Toning with lS13920 2016 - >=1.15)

Upper gap between YS and UTS results in upper ductility

Least Total Elongation of >=16%

(Higher than IS13920:2016 - >=14.5%)

Ability to stretch further in advance to fracture at room temperature

Smallest Total Elongation at max force (UTS) >=5%

(Toning with IS1786:2008 >=5%)

Added Eco-friendly

India’s Primary GreenPro Certified Rebar

  • The sustainable manufacturing practices have brought down the environmental impact of these rebars
  • GreenPro Ecolabel facilitates you to make an informed as well as workable choice

More Assurance

Make sure peace-of-mind while acquiring

  • Tata Tiscon 550SD rebars are offered in pieces of regular dimensions
  • Each piece is of precise length, diameter in addition to weight


5. Jindal Panther TMT:

When was Jindal Panther launched?

  • Launched in 2013, this TMT Brand is inspired by the strength and dexterity of the black powerful feline. Since its commencement Jindal Panther has been offering premium TMT rebars contrived in state of art facilities for the housing as well as construction needs.
  • These TMT Rebars are technologically cutting-edge thermo-mechanically treated rebars with grander properties, owing to the modern manufacturing expertise from leaders in rebar production- namely, HYQST Expertise (MORGAN,USA) & QST Expertise (SMS MEER, Germany).HYQST technology harvests rebars with greater strength, ductility, bendability along with weldability surpassing the necessities of Fe500D,  Fe 550D along with  Fe 600CRS rebars standards.

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