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Top TMT Brands in Karnataka

When you roam the streets of Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka, you will be flanked by tall, broad buildings of different facades. Glossy, fancy, traditional look structures sprawled in the peripheries of the city and other parts of the state have consumed several brands of TMT bars. The description of these bar brands is as follows:

  1. Sunvik TMT:

Founded in 2003 at Jodidevarahalli in Sira Taluk, Tumkur District of Karnataka, Sunvik Steels Private Limited stands as the initial United Steel Plant in South India built on an area covering 50 acres. With a vision to produce sustainable steel, the company has set up a strong identity and endures to develop its commercial presence. By concentrating on Invention, Technology, Sustainability, in addition to People, it strives to create value and be viewed as a forerunner in the worldwide steel industry.

TMT Bars:

The size of the TMT bars ranges from 8 mm to 32 mm, adhering to the guidelines mentioned in under IS 1786 (2008) protocol.

Standard Grade Fe 550 and Fe 550D are the metals opted for forging out TMT bars. The group has a THERMEX Quenching System set up to provide its buyers and steel suppliers on the market with a guarantee of reliable class.

  1. Agni TMT:

With a very measured manufacturing process, Agni Group produces this greater class of Agni TMT bars. The Fe 550D bars are enormously fatigue resistant and exhibit improved physical features because of the precise chemical composition. The strengthened properties of strength as well as ductility support the strong bonding of the rods through the concrete throughout through constructions.

  • Dropped levels of carbon, phosphorus and sulphur create the structures resistant to seismic movement.

  • Heightened physical properties of strength and ductility attained with a controlled production.

  • Higher amounts of alloying materials boost the resistance to rust and corrosion.

  1. A-one Gold TMT:

A-One Gold TMT Bars are formed in Fe 500, Fe 500D, Fe 550D, CRS following to IS: 1786 Grade. Nevertheless, carbon levels are limited to much lower than those confirming by measurement, which results in outstanding ductility, high bendability, and greater weldability.

Seismic Resistance

Uniform ductility outcomes in the greater seismic resistant property for the TMT Bars.

Corrosion Resistant

TMT bar is manufactured by thermo-mechanical treatment plus not by cold twisting. And so, there is no torsional reducing stress, which outcomes in superior corrosion resistance features.

As a result of these world-class properties, it is the best TMT producer in South India.

  1. VRKP TMT:

VRKP TMT has begun several ambitious building projects in the real estate, industrial, and government sections. It’s extremely controlled and inclusive five phase manufacturing process has supported it to create constancy in quality and ductility.

The company has always been engaged in research & development and innovation for bringing out the finest tailor-made products for the consumers.

  1. Indus TMT:

The company began its journey in 1996 with a vision to transform the blueprint of dreams into buildings. Its state-of-art manufacturing unit at Hosur, neighbouring to Attibelle(Kn) well equipped with forward-thinking computer controlled, mechanical, and automated machinery united with its innovations, commitment, and reliability has delivered reliable & best quality steel much above BIS.

It has been considered as No.1 brand in Karnataka by single building owners, mason, contractors, bar benders, structural engineers, architects, and dealers as they are very pleased with INDUS 555-D TMT.

Special Features:

Indus has founded in manufacturing a new dimensional TMT rods known as Indus X ribbed TMT. These bars contribute Extra strength and extra safety to the building. Since Indus X ribbed is the best product, the customer will have the below mentioned benefits:

Additional Bonding

The exclusive pattern of X-Ribbed provides extra ribbed area for concrete mixture to tie with the steel rod, increasing the strength of the buildings.

Additional Elongation

Indus X ribbed rods have the additional benefit on account of higher ductility, which will ensemble any kind of construction.

Extra Safety

The supplementary strength (Proof strength as well as ultimate Tensile strength) to the steel rods aids in more safety for the buildings.

Extra Life

The additional intrinsic corrosion resistance property of these bars offers longer life to the structure.

  1. RD TMT:

The company has been able to manufacture Fe 550 TMT bars with Sulphur and Phosphorus content as per BIS requirements due to its pioneer infrastructure facilities. On account of their diminished chemical characteristics, they have more ductility and give savings up to 30% while compared to regular TMT bars. Its Fe 550 TMT bars are perfect for large buildings such as dams, homes, and bridges. Since the billets are produced in-house, these bars are extra likely to bind accurately through the concrete mixture, ensuing in a structure with a long life.

  1. Jindal Panther TMT:

JSP is a prominent industrial capital with strong footprints from corner to corner in core economic sectors identical to Steel, Mining, Energy as well as Cement. It has transformed the process of steel making with an incessant drive for brilliance, innovation and matchless quality to emerge as a pioneer in the industry. It remains dedicated to its appreciated value system in its Journey of Success as well as ensures to augment the lives of the people it touches.

Jindal Panther TMT re-bars are technologically sophisticated thermo-mechanically treated bars with finest properties. It owes to the advanced manufacturing technology from leaders in rebar production- namely, HYQST Technology and QST Technology. The technology yields bars with greater ductility, strength, weld ability and bendability exceeding the needs of Fe 550D, Fe 500D and Fe 600 CRS bar benchmarks.


  1. Meenakshi TMT:

With more than five decades of experience over three generations in the industry, Meenakshi Group has been serving the top entrepreneurs as well as construction companies across India with first-rate quality TMT bars and is one of the important companies in the steel manufacturing industry these days. Set up by Sri Hari Mohan Bansal, this family corporate has perfected the art of producing the robust grade of TMT Bars - Meenakshi TMT FE 550D in addition to Meenakshi TMT CRS FE 500 thru the revolutionary Z+ Technology to make the premier quality steel products that guarantee maximum strength, permanence and dependable support for present and future generations.


  1. Shri Lakshmi TMT Steel:

Shri Lakshmi Steel Suppliers offers end-to-end supply

 TMT bars for Building

You can choose its well-designed TMT bars for building purposes because of exceptional mechanical, chemical properties, as well as it also guarantees low maintenance costs and high sturdiness. Numerous steel manufacturers supply material by tall claims, choosing the greatest quality TMT steel among them is puzzling for a layperson without any information of the industry as well as the choice can be a bit further confusing.  A small hint, each steel manufacturer will required to test every batch they produce to confirm the product is according to standard IS 1786:2008 also it ought to have ISI markings, producer’s stamp, and steel grade. SLSS TMT steel for instance not merely provides manufacturer test certificate if compulsory, the product is also tested as well as certified by the believed third party agencies.


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