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Best TMT Steel Bar in Rajasthan l Comaron

Top TMT in Rajasthan

Hot climatic conditions of Rajasthan do need cool and long-lasting houses for the citizens to live in. Now, in order to build such residences, supreme class of construction materials are required. In addition to all construction materials, the quality of TMT bars must be high. The following paragraphs elaborate on various facets of the most popular TMT brands in the state:


  1. Rathi TMT:

Rathi Industries Ltd. is a division of the RATHI STEELS group, which has been the forerunner in the area of manufacturing reinforcement steel bars (REBARS) for more than seven decades.

These are steel bars of Fe 500 grade, finished as per IS 1786-2008. Strict quality control measures are embraced at the stage of manufacturing so that TMT bars get the preferred quality parameters. Appropriate selection of raw material to appropriate rolling and quenching gives it the paramount quality TMT bars. These bars are accessible in a wide range of diameters, from 8 mm to 32mm fit for all types of necessity.



With their hard outer surface as well as soft core, STELMAX 500 FRD TMT BARS contain excellent bendability, which creates the work at construction sites easy and safe. The bars can be bent in the region of mandrels much smaller in diameter than those stated in IS: 1786.

Weld ability:

There is no loss of strength at weld joints. This safeguards that they can be butt-welded or lap-welded without any requirement for pre and post welding remedy.

Corrosion Resistance:

These bars are water-quenched and not cold twisted. Therefore, no torsion remaining stresses are left in the bar, ensuing in brilliant corrosion resistance properties in contrast with cold-twisted bars.

Earthquake Resistance:

The exclusive combination of high strength and incomparable ductility, with high fatigue strength, outcomes in a rebar with developed seismic resistance.

Bond Strength:

These bars have a unique lug pattern that aids in better bonding with cement.

  1. Titan TMT:

Sree Metaliks Limited (SML) was assimilated in 1995. It is manufacturing TMT bars under the name of the SM Titan brand.

SM Titan

These bars are manufactured through the tempcore technology. Nothing makes a construction tougher from the core of its groundwork than SM TITAN Bars. They are manufactured to the challenging international standards by way of license from Thermax Quenching System and Technology of Hennigsdorfer Stahl Engineering, GMBH, Germany.

The complete process includes quick quenching of the hot bars with a sequence of water jets after they compress the last mill stand. The high strength of these bars makes them an ideal material to be employed with concrete for making buildings more robust. The group manufactures the greatest TMT bars in India with faultless and high-quality standards.

  1. Kamdhenu TMT:

Kamdhenu TMT bars present world class technology. The strength of these bars is cautiously measured by enhancing the water pressure for their pearlitic core and hard-hitting surface of tempemartensite site, so providing finest strength, ductility and robustness.


  • Enhanced strength pooled with high ductility

  • Superior ductility and malleability

  • Earthquake resistant

  • High thermal resistance

  • Tremendous weld ability without loss of strength at welded joints

  • Substantial savings in cost of steel

  1. Rungta TMT:

Stronger foundations for healthier tomorrows—that's the promise of the company trying to make the nation stronger! Being the principal and fastest mounting integrated steel manufacturer in India, it incessantly works to guarantee distinction—for today and tomorrow. Quality being the first importance, its efforts, at all times, are concentrated towards maintaining the maximum parameters as per the industry standards.

Thru a skilful focus on innovation and technological progression that pave the way for topmost quality production, these TMT Bars and steel products manufactured by the firm obey to both – domestic and world-wide parameters. Owing to the growing demand for steel in the nation company has set the aim to reach 300 MTPA by 2030. Thus, it has mustered its full dedication to steer ahead with its production processes in its integrated steel plants in Jharkhand as well as Odisha.

Dominance in design, precision in engineering, and faultlessness in the manufacturing process give it the promise of a strong foundation as well as help it to ensure a bright future.


  1. Mangla TMT:

Mangla TMT bars have made their presence noticeable through their distinctive characteristics. They do endow the structures as well as the buildings with very strong support. They can grip heat up to 600 degree Celsius. Further, they are earthquake resistant and corrosion resistant.

In addition to the above, Mnagla TMT bars possess the below mentioned features:

  • No loss in strength at welded joints.

  • Superior ductility. Outstanding suppleness.

  • High yield strength and stiffness.

  • Marvellous corrosion resistance.

  • Superb earthquake resistance.

  • High thermal resistance.

  • Cheap and safe to use.

  • Wonderful bonding strength.


  1. Kay2 TMT:

Kay2 XENOX's inimitable rib design powerfully bonds with concrete in a hexagonal pattern and confirms the solid foundation and class of any structure. As up-to-date construction needs a higher degree of revolution as well as creativity, the steel company presents premium TMT Bars vital for construction across earthquake-prone areas. The total of the inner angles of a hexagon is 720-degree destined for larger bonding and permitting any infrastructure to bear a high degree of stress.

The TMT Bars meet the industry standards and stipulations as regards creep resistance, fatigue strength, bendability, weldability, crack resistance, tensile strength, and compressive strength. Stronger plus with better mechanical properties than related bars, the bars reduce usage of Steel by 20% while guaranteeing higher strength to structures for a longer age, proving to be cost effective.


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