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Top TMT Sariya 

  • Kamdhenu TMT:

  • Kamdhenu TMT is known as the leader in the construction industry. It has established its reputation in this segment due to its unmatchable properties.

  • These TMT bars are broadly used in overall purpose concrete reinforcement constructions, bridges as well as flyovers, thermal and hydel power plants, dams, industrial structures, high-rise structures, underground platforms in metro railway along with fast transport system. The bars are in fact thermo-mechanically-treated by world’s finest technology for high yield strength.

Special Features:

  • Enhanced strength pooled with high ductility

  • First-rate weld ability without loss of strength at welded joints

  • Improved ductility and suppleness

  • High thermal resistance

  • Earthquake resistant

  • Substantial savings in cost of steel

  1. Mongia TMT:

  • Mongia Steel Limited was founded in 1997. It is known as one of the fastest growing famous manufacturer of high-grade steel products.The prime purpose of the company is to bring the best worth of steel products for building the nation. The syndicate manufactures tough, safe and rust—resistant strengthening TMT bars with Make Name “MONGIA STEEL”.

  • The company authority prides to foresee, itself as one of the principal TMT Brand as it progressively spread across India and claiming to relish the prime market share.


  • The group has one of the most unconventional automated hot rolling mills in the motherland, using the modern technology for producing bigger grade TMT bars. The sizes range from 8mm to 32mm, which follow to specified quality Fe-600.

  • It is the very first industrial unit in the Jharkhand state to have executed the Direct Hot Charging Technology. The most noteworthy feature of this technology is that it eradicates the application of a re-heating furnace. In this way, the removal of greenhouse gases throughout the production process turns out to be almost zero. As a result, this expertise is obliging in securing the environment. That is why, it is known as eco-friendly firm.

  1. Goel TMT:

  • Goel TMT is one of the primary brands in Central India and it provides core strength to innumerable buildings. It is making its presence felt throughout India these days. It enjoys a key share of the market in Central India through more than four hundred dealers across Central as well as Western India.

  • FE 550 D re-bars are employed to make heavy structures for example bridges and buildings that involve a high load bearing size. They are also utilized in High Rise buildings due to their load enduring capability and ductility.

  • These re-bars deliver much more of everything. Be it strength, toughness, ductility or bonding with concrete, the TMT offers best value FE 550 D Steel Rebars.

  1. Rungta TMT:

  • Rungta Steel TMT Bars produced with cutting-edge technology and engineering confirms that structures ready from them are built with grander strength that adds a stronger groundwork to tomorrows. These TMT bars come with in-built properties like identical grades, tolerances and dimensions that give the oath of constant quality and stability.

  • After the production stage, these products pass through a succession of rigorous quality tests to certify matchless stability, longer durability and smooth workability. With the ISO as well as OHSAS certifications, the company promises to meet the diverse supplies of the construction industry.

  • Rungta Steel TMT Bars originate in grades of Fe500, Fe500D, Fe550 and Fe550D followed as per IS 1786
    as well as sizes of 8/10/12/16/20/25/28/32/36/40 mm

  1. Vizag TMT:

  • Visakhapatnam Steel Plant fondly known as Vizag steel. It is the first shore based United Steel Plant in the nation and is known for its eminence products delighting the consumers. It is a market leader in long products as well as it caters to the requests of diverse Industrial sectors.

  • Benefits:
    Weld ability and first-rate rigidity – Firmness of Vizag TMT Bars is a degree of a metal's capability to resist tensile stress. The Weld capacity nature in these Steel TMT Bars Fe-500 Grade is dominant as soon as compared with others

  1. Jyoti TMT:

  • JYOTI TMT is a domestic name in the country and has accomplished prestige here. Its Tempcore SG Rebars are the main line of its processes. ‘Billets’ of universal standards are created by hiring progressive technology in an INTEGRATED STEEL PLANT. Billets are additionally employed in the manufacturing of the Thermo Mechanically Treated (TMT) Bars.

  • Currently JYOTI Tempcore SG Rebars ensure a large scale presence across numerous corners on the country and incessantly the spread is mounting exponentially. This has been possible on account of the wide product acceptability as well as a lead in repeat purchases. Enduring the challenges in the Steel arena, these Tempcore SG Rebars have always stood important in class and delivery.

  1. Balmukund TMT:

  • BALMUKUND 7 STAR Fe 500D TMT has finished lot of research and advanced TMT which is as said by specification and offer packed safety to houses, large structures during the course of any event of earthquake.

  • Through the Advanced Manufacturing Unit, Prepared with a fully automatic as well as Computerized Rolling Mill BCL brings a Variety of High quality Steel Bars (TMT), TOR Steel as well as MS Ingots across several Diameters. These Bars possess a supreme combination of strength, ductility and bigger weld ability.

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